Fresh Vietnamese food

Our food is made with the highest quality ingredients available and in season so we can create the intense flavours to give you the best tasting food for your enjoyment.

We cook fresh every day where we take our spin on the traditional while using modern asian flavours which set us apart from the rest.

Our new restaurant
80b Prospect Road Prospect
Phone: 08 82691595

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Flinders University Hub

Ha Long Bay Salad Love Life Eat Fresh

Tiger Prawns, twice cooked pork, shaved cabbage, julienne carrots, spanish onion, fresh mint, rau ram topped with shallots and roasted peanuts.


Bun Bowl Love Life Eat Fresh

Fresh mixed salad, pickled carrot and radish, fresh mint, coriander, shaved Spanish onion, roasted peanuts and fresh fried shallots.

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Char Grilled Skewers Love Life Eat Fresh

Teriyaki Chicken
Spicey Chicken
Pork Patty.

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BarBQue Chilli Quail Love Life Eat Fresh

Famous flavours of spices and flair to bring the heat back to your day.

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fried or steamed Love Life Eat Fresh

Lemongrass Chicken
Crackling Pork
BBQ Pork
Organic Tofu

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Flinders Uni. between 9am & 3pm